Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Six Tips for Untangling Unruly Hair Extensions

*Six Tips for Managing Unruly, Tangled Hair Extensions*

Don't Let This Happen To You!
For those without the budget to Trash their Processed Store-Brand Hair
to go buy Unprocessed Virgin Hair

HOW to Untangle Your Existing Store Brand Hair Extensions:

First: Get a Nylon-Boar Combo brush. Please reject the idea of a "Hair Extension Brush" or "Loop Brush". Idk who those work for, but certainly they won't get out your tangles. A Nylon-Boar Brush does double the work in half the time. Nylon Bristles Detangle your hair and add volume. The Boar Bristles shine the hair; distributing your natural oils throughout your hair and smoothing the hair strands. thsi results in a full brush-out of even the worst tangles - in minutes.

Second: Be sure to use a hair polisher before bruising. I recommend I.C. Hair Polisher from Sally's.

If you use PeRMaLoCS™ MiCRo-LoCS™ Strand Extensions, or any Strand-by-Strand Method, be sure that any product you use does not contain oil, sulfates, or Protein of any kind.

Brush Curly or wavy hair from the ends up. When wearing hair extensions, be certain that you secure the hair by holding it firmly - so that at the root there is no tugging at the extension attachment point (you don't want to loosen your hair extensions).

For unruly naturally curly ethnic hair, you may want to consider a mild relaxer, left on for 20-25 minutes; just long enough to loosen your natural curls into a pattern that will better match your 100% Natural virgin Hair Extensions. For kinkier, coarser, mixed ethnicity, frizzy, tightly curled, and/or mullatta hair, this will lead to greater manageability and movement from the root of the hair.

Fifth: Use ENJOY LUXURY Shampoo & Conditioner to keep Waves and Curls soft, Moisturized, and Elastic, and Manageable. ENJOY Luxury is the only line of Shampoo & Conditioner approved for use with PeRMaLoCS™ MiCRo-LoCS™.

Sixth: Do Not buy any more of this store brand hair. Save your money and buy 100% Natural Virgin Hair. You will not regret it. Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money and Wasting Your Time: Invest your Money in Hair that Never Goes Bad: PeRMaLoCS 100% Natural Virgin Indian Human Hair.

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