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The Best Hair Extensions for Naturally Wavy & Curly Hair

Hair Extensions for Naturally Wavy & Curly Hair

Whether your hair is naturally curly or naturally wavy, if you've ever tried wearing hair extensions, you may be quite familiar with this issue. None of the Hair Extensions sold in Stores seem to perfectly match natural curls or waves - almost Never. Even if they seem to match, they straighten over time, and as soon as you flat-iron the hair, not all of it will return to the original curl pattern; some pieces will be straight, some wavier, some curly. Then, once the hair settles in, it starts tangling and knotting - consistently! What a pain!!

I used to go through package after package of beauty-supply hair; tangle-free, cuticle hair, Remi Hair, and even supposed "Virgin Hair" brands. None would stay curly - and brushing it out took forever! Not only have I experienced this phenomenon, I have also witnessed the issue with my hair extension clients that insist on buying Wet & Wavy or high-cost "Remi" and "Virgin" store brands. The hair pattern loosens - and the hair tangles up - within weeks. It takes thirty minutes to an hour to comb out the hair, which will continue to tangle throughout the day; even after a thorough brush-out.

Why is that, you ask? When hair is sold in the beauty supply, it is usually brand-name hair. These companies, selling human hair have found it easier to process all hair to meet some uniformity to lend to the strength of their brand.

Simply put; they dye, perm, and process the heck out of the hair to make it appear consistent, so that every time you go buy "Brand X Human Hair" in "Deep Curl", you will reliably get the same look (as much as a human hair product can be consistent (since no two people's hair makeup is completely identical).

Processed Packaged Hair is great for the budget hair shopper, but as we get into higher-priced hair, still, none retains it curl, luster, or consistency! I've searched the globe for a hair that better matches my own - in a curl pattern I desire. I have found the best hair is 100% Natural hair. Not a brand name. Not sold in a box or package. You want 100% Natural Hair that is Straight off the donor's head. Curls preserved. Chemical Processes, such as coloring, relaxing, and perming dries out cuticles and causes natural curls to straighten - and even break off when dry. That is why the hair you buy from your local beauty supply doesn't match your natural curls. Processed extension hair loses its elasticity. Your natural hair is full of elasticity; which is why hair extensions tend to look "fake" or "plastic-y' next to your real hair.

I am of mixed ethnicity - Native American, African American, and Criole. My hair is Very Very Curly, with some areas of my hair being more wavy - and it frizzes (or gets "Krusty the Clown"as I call it).

Simply put, my hair has A LOT more volume when it dries, v.s. when wet - and not the cute kind of volume, either. My Natural Hair is shoulder-length when wet, then it dries very springy & curly; shrinking to neck-length. Not cute at all in my book, since I love long, flowing hair. It is very difficult to find naturally curly hair extensions that will "poof" up when dry to match my own hair's volume. The answer to this problem lies in the country of origin for your extension hair.

Unprocessed Natural Virgin Indian Hair works best for the look I want to achieve. Unprocessed Natural Virgin Indian Hair has texture in the strand, to mimic the texture in my own hair, which is coarser, like a "Yaki" texture.

100% Natural Unprocessed Indian Temple hair comes in the Natural Hair Colors of India, which is brown-black tones with some natural hi-lights. the hair is not boxed or bagged, to preserve the moisture. I now offer this hair to my clients and friends.
100% Natural Virgin Indian Human Hair lasts for years. It is 100% Unprocessed; Untouched by Chemicals and 100% Naturally Beautiful - like hair is supposed to be. There is never a reason to throw the hair away - unless you damage it with chemicals.

I wear PeRMaLoCS™ MiCRo-LoCS™ Strand Extensions. I've been wearing these extensions for five years and have only removed them once; a feat I found useless, since I can curl, flat-iron, hi-light, retouch my relaxers, and even color or bleach my extensions like my own hair - and my MiCRo-LoCS™ can just be pushed up as my hair grows - without taking them out.

PeRMaLoCS 100% Natural Virgin Indian Human Hair is AWESOME! I dye them Golden Blonde. I get so many compliments - instead of questions - on how beautiful my hair is; not "do you have extensions"? The hair looks so real that no one even identifies it as hair extensions! I am superbly happy and carefree. When I wash my hair, the extensions curl with my natural hair, giving me a natural look. When I straighten my hair, I feel unstoppable. I will never go back to packaged, processed hair again. Try it for yourself - you will see.

Good Luck!

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