Sunday, June 14, 2009

How To Do Emo Make-Up When You're Dark Skinned?

Most of the time you don't see dark skinned emo/scene kids. So, if your skin is dark, and you are emo/scene, you might like to know how to do your makeup correctly!

  1. Put on a light foundation close to or the same color as your skin, although most scene kids prefer paler looking skin. The foundation color would be your preference.
  2. Apply a grey, black, or a neon colored eyeshadow to your eyelid below the crease.
  3. Know that every scene kid uses black eyeliner. It could be pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. Apply eyeliner to your top and bottom lash lines. You can also put on a thin or heavy line of eyeliner on your eyelid right above where your eyelashes start. (This is not something you have to do! But if you do this step connect your lines to create cat eyes!)
  4. Apply mascara to your to top and bottom lashes.
  5. Put on chap stick or whatever lip product you want to use. Most scene kids have bright lips in vibrant shades of color, but emo kids have nude,pale lips. But you could choose which one you want.
  6. Touch up if needed!
  7. Go show yourself off!
  • Do not put on so much makeup that you look like a raccoon since while it is supposed to heavy, do not over do it.
  • Make sure you have cute accessories that match your makeup and your emo-tastic or scene-eriffic outfit.
  • Liquid eyeliner is the best because it is darker and wont blend in.
  • If you like the thick line of eyeliner try it before going out and realizing you look like a clown
  • Don't have preppy makeup one day and then emo/scene makeup the next day. You'll seem like a poser.
  • Don't put too much make-up

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sedu Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles guide providing tips, ideas and information on the latest trends in sedu celebrity hair styles.

The long lustrous hair of so many celebrities has the power of new technology behind them - the Sedu hair straightener.

Sedu Celebrity Hairstyles are in vogue and it easy for everyone to acquire natural, long, soft tresses. Celebrity hairstyles influence a large part of the female populace, so let us get an update of how you can get the look.

Getting Sedu celebrity hairstyle
To get the soft and straight look, you need a Sedu hair iron. This distinctive design, created in America, uses ceramic plates made of tourmaline crystals. The negative ion charge in the unit removes all the static from the hair, which gives you the wonderful, manageable and even seductive look. Your hair gets a shape, without the use of hairsprays or other harsh chemicals

Actors, singers and other celebrities have to spend long hours under strong light, which can ruin the hair and the look. Beautiful locks treated by the Sedu hair straightener do not react to heat and light, and the effect lasts long, besides there is none of the hated “frizzy” look. So before you hit the disco, a stylized Sedu celebrity hairstyle may be a good idea, your hair can look good as you dance away the night.

The Sedu celebrity hairstyle is quick to achieve, the ion charged flat iron actually give your hair the smooth, natural look quite fast. It is also “hair-friendly”, because unlike the coil iron or hairsprays, it does not damage the hair. There is no tearing or pulling, this is such a relief! It works especially well for women who have thick or curly and slightly coarse hair, and transforms these into soft manageable tresses.

The Sedu Celebrity Hairstyle to suit your style and face
Have you noticed something about the modern celebrity hairstyles – they are simple. Their hair could be short or long, but the tresses look natural and unfussy. Long hair like those of Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears is often the result of a Sedu hair straightener, with an application of some appropriate conditioner later. Short hair also becomes sexy with the flick Sedu hairstyle, and again getting this takes as little as five minutes. Once again, you would need to straighten your hair, and flick it just right at each end. Apply a little wax once it is done….and yes, you will look amazing! What’s more, celebrities prefer using Sedu because it suits dyed hair, right from burgundy to blond, rich brown and even hairstreaks.

Many actresses seem to be going in for the Sedu look. It is a preferred style even with those with typical ethnic features, as it is with straightforward American looks. You would see faces as diverse as Angelica Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Aniston looking great with a Sedu hairstyle.

See the magic of the Sedu celebrity hairstyle when they walk down the ramp, or simply flick their tresses casually as they saunter down the Oscar red carpet, as they smile seductively for the camera. The shimmering hair is actually created from this amazing hair straightener!

Make sure you read the instructions carefully before you start emulating the look.

These are tips to remember:
- Your hair has to be shampooed clean.
- You could use some hair protection gel before you begin straightening, but make sure it dries off.
- It must absolutely dry before you use the Sedu hair straightener.
- Straighten your hair bit-by-bit.
- Use the right size and temperature for you length of hair.
- Make sure to use some wax or hair condtioner to get the shine.

It takes just a few minutes, and the Sedu celebrity hairstyle can be yours.

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