Monday, March 7, 2011

Kate Gosselin hair

Kate Gosselin Hair

If you would like to have Kate Gosselin hair, you are going to need to change your hairstyle.  Kate Gosselin has gotten a new style for her hair for her upcoming appearances on "Dancing With the Stars."  Her old $7,000 hairstyle is out and her stylist has given her a brand new look.  Kate Gosselin's new hair sports three different shades of blonde, including a caramel, a beige blonde, and a lighter blonde.  Kate Gosselin's hair perhaps only rivals Jennifer Anniston's "The Rachel" from the 1990s.  Kate has said she is having a wonderful time training for "Dancing With the Stars" and is really putting in the full effort needed to become a quality dancer. To get true Kate Gosselin hair, you will need to use Build It blow drying spray, Daily Clense shampoo, and Daily Nourish conditioner because these are the products she uses on a daily basis.

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