Monday, October 18, 2010

Women Hairstyle Trends


2009 represents the year of change. In the realm of politics, 2009 will be welcomed with the election of the first African-American president. In the realm of economics, 2009 is a test of fire for the guts and acuity of businesspeople against the looming economic crisis. And in the realm of fashion, 2009 is the year for radical hairstyles! This trend towards the extremes is foreshadowed by the hairstyles worn by celebrities towards the end of 2008. But what, specifically, should women look out for and expect in 2009?
Radically short haircuts
The few last months of 2008 featured celebrities sporting short haircuts, especially the bob. Conventional fashion wisdom cautions women to strike a balance between flamboyance and taste, and therefore, the chic bob haircut has always been influenced by the age-old belief that long hair is generally beautiful. This is why we find TV show host Lily Allen sporting a longer bob cut, where her hair hovers gently between her neck and shoulders. This is also why Sarah Michelle Gellar wears the bob in a “safe” length.
However, in 2009, hairstylists can no longer ignore the challenge of making the bob radically shorter! Radically short haircuts have challenged the conventional image of long beautiful hair and won. Three of the most popular bob hair styles are the fringed bob that is sported by supermodel Agyness Deyn, the pixie crop that is worn by Victoria Beckham and Natalie Portman, and the cropped bob of Katie Holmes. Some fashion critics were offended by Katie’s new hairstyle, stating that it was a little bit boyish. But other critics saw audacity in the hairstyle. After all, only women whose femininity radiates can wear such short cuts with ease and beauty.

Post Title Women Hairstyle Trends

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