Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Korean singer Jaejoong Kim

Born on January 26, 1986, Jaejoong Kim is a member of the famous Korean boyband, TVXQ (DBSK). Definitely a perfect example of an oval shaped face, Jaejoong is capable of having very short to medium hairstyles. He can easily pull off all sorts of hairstyles.
While blessed with such a delicate face, Jaejoong tends to have thick volumed hairstyles since it will not unbalance his facial expressions in any way. However, usually on other guys a thicker volumed hairstyle makes the face chubby. But it does not have that effect on Jaejoong. ;)
Clearly Jaejoong contains that adorable and cute look through his help of his medium long hairstyles.His fringes and sides are particuarly long for a guy's.
Here is the famous Jaejoong Kim haircut: The white bleached hairstyle. As I have mentioned before, Jaejoong is capable of having unique hairstyles while setting up the trend for Korean hairstyles! D=

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