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How to do the Laura Linney Hair do


How to do the Laura Linney Hair doLaura Linney was born on February 5, 1964 in New York City. She graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon School in 1982before going to Northwestern University. After that she made her way to Brown University and then went on to study acting at the famous Julliard School.

She started the 1990s appearing in a few films such as Dave. The miniseries Tales of the City brought her much attention and she began having important roles in big movies such as Congo, and Primal Fear. Her really big break though was playing Jim Carrey’s wife in The Truman Show. She has been nominated for four Academy Awards in total. She was nominated for Best Actress for her roles in You Can Count on Me, The Savages, and most recently for The Savages. In 2004 she was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Kinsey.
Laura Linney usually wears her hair long and blonde. It is these same luscious, shiny locks that every woman strives for. She knows how to take a simple style and make it timeless and classic leaving it with the class and sophistication that can only come from the one and only Ms. Linney. Strolling down the red carpet, her hair was, as usual, in top form, and below are some steps that will show how to create this same look, whether you are walking the red carpet or just going to run errands.

The Do
The timeless look that Laura Linney wore at the 80th Academy Awards ceremony was sophisticated and proved that she is absolutely full of grace. To begin styling this look, apply a volumizing mousse or gel throughout the entire hair. Do not part the hair anywhere as this will detract from the volume of the hairdo. While you are blow-drying the hair, pull the hair up with a round, flat brush and focus the hot air towards the roots. This hair does need a bit of wave so you can either place the hair around large rollers to achieve the wave and pick random pieces of hair to curl with a wave attachment of a curling iron.

Who’s It For?
This hair definitely needs some length on it as the drama of the look lies in the fact that it is so big and encompasses the entire face and down the shoulders. It will look best on faces that are long or oval. Full faces will probably not work as well with this hairstyle. There will be too much volume with the face shape and the amount of hair combined but a narrower face will definitely be a nice contrast.

Two-tone highlights will work very well with this look as there is so much hair to look at and the highlights will really stand out. Other than that, the only treatment that is necessary is some of the volumizing gel or mousse.

Simply finish off by spraying a styling spray around the entire hair area, focusing on the roots to make it stand up even more.

Each week I’ll be teaching you how to create female celebrities’ hairstyles so be sure to check back here for the latest in celebrity hair tips and tricks.

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