Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Korean singer Gyuri Park

Born on May 21, 1988, Gyuri Park is the leader of the popular Korean girl group, KARA. It seems as though Gyuri has the rectangular shaped face, or so it seems. In this photo she pretty much leaves out the fringes, to create a wavy long hairstyle.

Gyuri's hair is not too puffy, or not too light in volume. Her haircuts change from long to medium. She definitely had a perm for the ends of her hair to create that "wavy" look. She is obviously gorgeous! You do the evaluation :)Yes! Gyuri does not abuse the law of fringes; she tends to avoid fringes at all times, by observing her images.

In a fashionable sense, one could describe Gyuri Park to have that "Goddess" look.

Post Title Korean singer Gyuri Park

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